Plumbing, Soil & Waste Systems

Plumbing systems

Push fit and Solvent Waste

Push fit is made in polypropylene, this is a quick and easy to install waste system incorporating a push fit ring seal. Available in 32mm and 40mm in white or black. Solvent waste a light in weight yet strong and cost effective option. Available in 32mm and 40mm in black or white.

Air Admittance Valve

Air Admittance Valves are designed to allow the free entry of air into the sanitary pipework system without the escape of foul gasses into the building.

When installed into sanitary pipework systems conforming to BS EN 12056:2000, Air Admittance Valve not only prevents the loss of water from trap seals due to induced siphonage but also has the added advantage of providing an early warning indicator to a potential drainage blockage. The AF110 Push-Fit Air Admittance Valve may also be used as a secondary rodding point to remove such blockages.

All Valves should be stored in an upright position.

110mm Soil Waste System Push fit or Solvent Weld

System Features:

  • Provides an efficient means of waste water drainage and foul discharge from appliances.
  • Manufactured in PVC-U to give a strong and durable product, lightweight and easy to work with and suitable for high temperature waste discharge.
  • Fittings have an aesthetic modern look, are compact in size yet remain within the British Standard specification.
  • Push-Fit joint through an innovatively designed seal and snap cap system.
  • Comprehensive range of fittings to suit most installations and which integrate with all Above and Below Ground Drainage Systems.
  • Colours Available: White, Black, Grey. Also Cast Effect

Overflow System

A 21.5mm solvent weld overflow system in PVC-U with an extensive range of fittings to meet most installation requirements. The system is available in both black and white.

Fixing Guide:

  • Fix pipe brackets at maximum 0.6m centres for both vertical and horizontal runs.
  • No expansion gap required on the solvent weld overflow system.
  • Solvent weld joints in accordance with ABS/PVC-U Waste Systems instructions