Roofing Materials


Rubber Roofing

At our branch in Oadby we cut the Firestone rubber roof system to any specified size. We hold the full range of products to accompany the system including trims and glues.

Torch on Felts

We hold a wide range of torch on felts and underlays for every application. Up to 6.5kg.

Reclaimed slate

The Oadby branch holds a large stock of salvaged slate in various sizes.


All or branches offer the Cromar GRP product. The ideal alternative to torch on felts.


Stocking code 3,4 and 5 in 3 or 6 mtr rolls. Plus, all the accessories including Hall clips and Patination oil in all depots.


Provide a wide range of ventilation options to enable architects, specifiers and contractors to select the most appropriate solution for providing ventilation for a particular design. Our strength lies in our ability to supply the market with high-quality universal vents, simplifying specifying, stocking and installation.

Whenever non-breather underlays are used on pitched roofs, it is essential to provide cross ventilation of the roof voids in order to avoid condensation. For some more complex roof shapes and mono-pitched roofs, tile ventilators may be needed to ensure there are no stagnant air pockets in any part of the roof. Our wide range of high quality roof vents provide ventilation for both cold and warm pitched roofs, and are available in different specifications and colours to fit in with any roof design.

Universal Hip and Ridge Kits

Avaliable in 3m, 5m and 6m kits.

  • 1 kit will do both Ridge and Hip* application
  • Patented ridge union design
  • Universal ridge union works with most ridge tiles
  • Pack includes ventilated ridge roll
  • Available in 3m, 5m and 6m lengths
  • 100mm coated fixing screws guaranteed to last a minimum 20 years
  • Dry fixing – application in all weathers
  • Quicker and easier to install over the cement alternative
  • Competitively priced
  • Metal clamp, not plastic
  • Screws washers and clamps pre-assembled for speedy installation