Roofing Sheeting & Canopies

roofing sheeting

Poly Carbonate Sheeting

We offer a full range of Poly Carb sheeting for your needs, which is cut to size and charged for what you have, and not based on the full sheet. Sizes available from 4mm to 35mm and colours from Clear, Bronze, Opal and Mix. Powder Coating is available to RAL numbers at an additional cost.

Canopy System

We offer many different Canopy systems, for those who would like a new Car Port to building a new conservatory!

The SupaLite Conservatory Roof

Convert your tired old conservatory into an all year round usable space with amazing insulating properties

SupaLite MonoRoof

The Lean-To style roof system that embraces all of the luxuries of an orangery with the superior insulating benefits of the much trusted SupaLite Lightweight Roof.

Coroline Sheet & Accessories

Comprising corrugated bitumen sheets, translucent PVC rooflight sheets, ridge, fixings and eaves fillers the Coroline range provides the complete roofing solution. Straightforward installation, long lasting appearance, durability and a 15 year warranty are reasons why Coroline remains the top selling bitumen sheet on the market.

Main Benefits

  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Hire fire resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Easily handled and installed
  • Requires minimum maintenance